Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vegetables are gross.

Ok, I'm trying to be good, recycling as much as is possible here, trying to remember my re-usable grocery bag, and composting. Since the young lady who was picking up our vegetable waste for her own composting project has moved and the folks at the community garden never picked up the slack, I've started taking it home and have started a trench composting project in anticipation of starting a garden next year.
I would just like to say that in twenty years as a soldier and a cop (also drove ambulance for a bit in there) I have NEVER smelled anything as bad as what comes out of that can.


-Sarah- said...

Not all Billy's are Guido's but all Guido's are Billy's. It's a tautology..... kind of.

Eric said...

Ah...I see, thanks.

Flesh and Bones said...

Ahahaha! When I came by to drop off veggies, I actually opened the lid of that can. It was fabulously foul. Sorry no one from the garden has picked it up anymore... but that is valuable stuff for trench composting! I bet it will improve your garden monumentally.

Eric said...

I think at this point I may have to wear a mask and just kick it over.
Thanks again for the vegs, we had fried squash yesterday.