Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mixed Bag

Bad news: the walk-in cooler was dying when I got to work this morning. Moved everything into smaller coolers, packing them out completely. Hopefully it will be fixed in time for the shipment coming in the am.

Good news: Jessica Biel is single.

Doesn't really even out.


-Sarah- said...

Having unpacked a dying walk-in myself, I'd agree that it doesn't really even out.

She is pretty smokin' though.

Eric said...

The above post is reference this post, if that gives you an idea of how my week's going.

Maria said...

Jessica is single again? Well, now....

Eric said...

I got dibs, M.

Terroni said...

Jessica Biel?
You and M are going to duke it out over Jessica Biel?

Huh...whatever it is, I just don't see it.