Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, I can’t get home because the roads are slick as hell and the plows aren’t out because the snow started too late, after good and reputable people were already home, so I’m stuck at the café, trying to decide whether to rent a hotel room up the street, or to just bust out the cot and bed down here.

Hotel Pros:
Next door to great breakfast place
NOT the café

Café Pros:
NOT seventy bucks

Well, looks like the café wins. I’ll take advantage of the quiet to read or write a bit, then I’ll watch some Rockford Files on Hulu before I toss and turn and freeze my ass off for a miserable few hours until I finally give up and walk to the gym to work out and shower.

Then, I’ll walk over to the Grill for breakfast and then head back to the café to get ready for what will surely be one of the longest days ever.

I hate getting stuck here, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I bought a rear-wheel drive car two years ago instead of a four wheel drive anything.

Oh well.


Terroni said...

I always sort of pictured you with a big ass truck.

Eric said...

I should at least have an ass truck.

Maria said...

Me too, T. I pictured him roaring around NM in either a big ass truck or at least some sort of manly jeep.

Eric said...

Nope, I do my roaring in a Mustang. I did have a Jeep, and I want one again.
But, in the Summer...