Sunday, March 20, 2011


John Gray said...

cant play this video in the UK
tell us about it?

Maria said...

I think you need to come with me to New Orleans and learn the cajun two step.

And the toudrille at midnight....

MUST be danced at midnight.

Did you know that they rarely drink mint juleps in New Orleans? I did not know that. But, they do have good wine. And champagne. I didn't try the beer, though. I was too busy eating pralines like a hog.

But, that just got into my veins and made me feel like Paula Abdul in that "Rush, Rush" video. "Holiday in Spain." I wanted to drive some little boy/girl insane and be an engine driver in a bunny suit...

I can't wait to go back. I think you should come with us. You and I have similar freak flags, I just know it.

Eric said...

Well, that's no's another link to it

Hopefully that works, if not look for the song Nantes by Beirut. There are several videos floating around, look for one shot on the street, I think that's the coolest.

Maria, that sounds awesome, I am totally down!

John Gray said...

loved it!
strangely hypnotic!eh?

Maria... been offered to carry chris' bags to New Orleans when he is on a conference
I know nothing about the city but you knid of pricked my interest there!

Eric said...

John, you've got to go it you can. I went to New Orleans three years ago and love the place.

If you're interested, here's a link to the first post I wrote about New Orleans...the rest are spread out through the following month, I think.