Thursday, December 5, 2013

What a shitty day today! Even as I say that I know that it's not really true. I keep telling myself how lucky I am, I ate today, I have a roof over my head, my kids are healthy and doing well. was a rough day, it's been a rough couple of months, lots of decisions to make about the cafe (more on that later), all the bullshit from the earlier post (probably more on that as well, remember A?), and I walked in today to find sewage backing up into the grease trap and floor drain in the dish room. It didn't make it onto the floor but the day was lost anyway, by opening time the restaurant and I both smelled of sewer.
I am so tired of having all the weight of this business on me, for a while it was exhilarating, all the responsibility being mine, now it it's just exhausting. I fantasize about running away and working in a Home Depot. Still, I know, things can always get worse. Kinda terrifying, really.


Maria said...

I hate being the boss too. I co-own my practice with two others. And I am the old lady of the group. The other two are late 20 somethings with small children.

It took me five months to hire a new secretary. Five months of temps because I was terrified of making another bad decision. Running a business is akin to running a home, yes? Something is always going wrong.

I still have fantasies about being a high school English teacher. I think how great it would be to only have to worry about grading essays on Emily Dickinson. partner is a teacher and the pay stinks and the hours are endless. So...yeah...grass is always greener.

I think you should stay put and write a script for a sitcom about a guy who runs a cafe, is having a written long distance relationship with an old flame from high school and all the wacky kids who he hires to help him run the cafe. And you could star in it....

John Gray said...

It's a case of bucks stopping
Like Maria's shitty firefighting all of the time
Chin up old bean

John Gray said...

Happy Christmas Eric

Maria said...

Just checkin to make sure that you are still alive. If not, well...could you please give me a knock four times on the headboard at 2:55 a.m. and awaken me from a sound sleep. This will be your sign to let me know that you have arrived at Valhalla and are partying with virgins or something. Deal?

the gardener's cottage said...

please start writing again!

John Gray said...

Yes Eric please do

John Gray said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Gray said...

You still alive Eric old son?

John Gray said...

You are alive! How great is that!

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