Sunday, August 24, 2008

I don't wanna wear a red shirt!

Don't you just hate it when you're working, driving, whatever, and you have this really good idea for a blog topic and then can't remember it later? I even thought at the time that I should pause to write it down, but then told myself that it was a good enough idea that I'd surely remember it. I don't.
I thought briefly that it might have to do with Star Trek, since that was a fun topic of conversation at work today; as in, "If this was Star Trek, Macie and Zack would be wearing red shirts." Zack understands the meaning of this since I've been telling him that for over a year now, even though he has since evolved more into the wacky neighbor you love to hate character from any given sitcom. Macie on the other hand, did not understand, and had to be sent to Brett (blue shirt) for an explanation.

I, of course, as the captain, wear a gold shirt even though I now look more like the Kirk of Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, than the TV show Kirk, even though in the movies pretty much everyone wore red shirts...but, that's beside the point. The point is that I don't remember what the hell I was going to write about, even though I thought it was pretty good.

I once read an interview with a songwriter in which he was asked if he kept a notebook next to his bed to write down ideas he might have at night or as awoke. He stated that he did not, as he believed that any idea that he couldn't remember in the morning couldn't have been that good.

I sure wish I could remember who he was.


Angelissima said...

I keep a list of blog topics and songs I want to download in my car. I just grab that piece of paper, sometimes its an old envelope or napkin or if I am at a stop light I might have the foresight to use a sticky note -- and jot em down.

I can't remember shit anymore -- as much as I say to myself, "this is so good of COURSE I will remember"...I just can't anymore.

I need a good brainwashing.

Flesh and Bones said...

ahahaha! awesome. oh well, your blog topic worked pretty well anyway. i wish with all the technology available we could sometimes record our thoughts on a little device... specially like... when we're high.

...anywho, i've kept a notebook like crazy for 15 years and i have still missed the majority of things that pass by my mind/eyes/nose/ears/hands. one has to try so hard to grasp a little, but it is always worth it to try. it allows us more than anything to share a little bit of our lives with others.

"Know that the goal is distant and is upward and is worthy all your life's efforts to attain to." - Henry David Thoreau