Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Your Wine Guru

I'm no sommelier, but here is a great wine buy. Little Penguin's shiraz is very drinkable and creates a very enjoyable buzz for under $10 a bottle.
It also pairs quite well with Marie Callender's beef pot pie.
Next wine blog: Which white wine to pair with ramen.


Flesh and Bones said...

i am interested in the latest wine trend - boxed wine. in vermont i was lucky enough to come across juice boxes of wine. now that is a genius invention. please find me some more of that.

-Sarah- said...

Creamy Chicken Ramen and Bonny Doon "Pacific Rim" Dry Riesling is a personal favorite. The "Doon" will set you back about $15 but you can offset the cost with your 14 cent ramen.

And I need to get my hands on some of those juice boxes....

Eric said...

I'm trying to find some of those juice boxes too...that would be too cool to be sipping away at a your pinot noir through the little straw.
The economics of Ramen do allow for more spending on what you drink with it than something like spaghetti, that's true.