Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Relaxing Day

Today was a little bit of a break for me. After getting my ass seriously kicked on the line the last couple days, I got to spend most of the day in the back doing prep.
Started off by making a tub of peanut butter cookie dough (one of my favorite things to do), then iced cakes (my least favorite thing to do...I'd rather be elbow deep in the grease trap), and baked more cakes, diced linguica, fried 80 pounds of ground beef (shouldn't have worn sandals today), made icing, gave my knife some much-needed love on the sharpening stones, drooled over Bon Appetit, yelled at the prep cooks some (they're 15 and 17, you try working with 'em without yelling), started a beer & wine order and a food order, sampled some beer, made a list for the store, listened to John's Roswell UFO theory, then went up front for the dinner rush and did apps.
A very nice break. Tomorrow it's back to the line though...and God help me, I can't wait


Maria said...

What a busy guy. I read charts all day and I am exhausted. If I had your life (and believe me, the world is grateful that I do not..I can't cook to save my life...) I would be half dead..

Eric said...

I don't know, I think the days where I do paper work are far harder. I can't imagine anything worse than being an accountant.