Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, A Guy Walks Into A Bistro...

So, I'm in this French, it's not the beginning of a bad story, or a worse joke...ok, I guess that's up to you to decide.
This is actually a couple of stories. My kids, girlfriend and I were at Le Bistro one night several months ago when owner Richard Girot ( pronounce it Ree-CHARD) stopped by our table to talk. After a couple of minutes he took his leave and moved on. As he did I heard a man say, in one of the strongest west Texas accents I have ever heard, "Excuse me, sir. Where are you from?"
Richard replied, "I am from France."
"I know that," the man continued. "What part?"
"The southwest."
The man paused, I thought to myself, 'Dear God, no. He can't'
He did.
"So, you were born here, but you moved there?"

Part deux.
Tonight, same restaurant, same kids, same owner. A woman (with the same accent, pattern developing?) asked Richard to suggest a wine pairing. He suggested a French Sauvignon blanc. She replied, insisted, that the French do not produce Sauvignon blanc.
I give up.

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