Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lovin' the Modern Age

I just fired someone by text. No shit. I really didn’t think it was possible, but when it came down to it, it was just so much easier than doing it by phone. Besides, she started it.
I’d already fired M once, a few months ago, she was one of the red shirts beamed down to…well, you know, and here we go again.
Last time it ended with her, “I’m in high school, I can’t be there every day!”
To which I responded, “I’m not expecting you to be here every day, just the days you’re fucking scheduled!”
This time it was a no show and a lie about a wreck. Ok, bring me a police report. She’d already told me that her friend had been hurt and taken to the hospital and was having surgery. But she said there was no police report..
Accident with injury equals mandatory police report.
Nope, no report.
There has to be, it’s the law, the hospital would have called it in even if she hadn‘t. Totally picked the wrong thing to lie about this time.
"I have the hospital paperwork."
"I don’t need that, bring the police report."
Finally an admission that she’d lied, friend had gotten sick…blah, blah, blah, then the defensive, “I knew this was going to happen, C said you were talking shit about me…”
“Not true, and irrelevant. You no-showed, you lied, you’re done.”
Anybody want a job?


-Sarah- said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Maria said...

After the day I had today, a job in a cafe sounds just lovely. I imagine myself as that wise cracking waitress that everyone loves. Maybe I could wear name tag that says Cleo because I would really like that.

But...the grass is always greener, da da da da da.

I bet there are days when you think that you would love to quit the restaurant business and come work with autistic kids.

Well, maybe not...

Maria said...

But, I know what you mean about annoying people. I had a one o'clock appt with a little boy today. His mother is a seventeen year old high school drop out who reeks of cigarette smoke every time she brings her son in.

I had no openings this week, but she begged and pleaded, so I sighed and skipped lunch to see her son.

AND THEY DIDN'T SHOW. I called her at 1:20 and she had the gall to tell me that she was GROCERY SHOPPING and could she re-schedule. When I icily told her that no, I had no plans to open up my schedule for her again, that she could just wait until my next opening, which was mid July, she called me a "cold bitch."

Ugh. And then, of course, I started worrying about her son and wished that I had just let her come another time. It was about him, not her. But...ugh. I truly dislike this woman.

Eric said...

Maria, when can you start?