Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tattoo pic, finally.

By 10:30 am yesterday I was reclining as a burly, heavily inked and gauged young man in a Rebel flag cap gently shaved my leg.
It's not what it sounds like. A couple of hours and a fair amount of pain later the food tat was done.
I finally got it colored yesterday after having to wait for a fairly serious contusion (drunk soccer), chigger bites (Oklahoma visit), some puppy scratches and a minor burn to heal.
I think I'm calling this piece Omnivore's Dilemma.
Design by my friend Lindz, ink by my friend Gypsy.


Maria said...

I have a tattoo that is nothing as clever as that one. I got it when I was 24, drunk and so, so stupid. It is a rose. On my hip. So original!

Eric said...

Let's see a pic ;)

Terroni said...

Good luck with that request, Eric. ;)

I am tattooless. (That's not a word, is it?)

My sister-in-law has a particularly charming one, though. She got drunk and had my brother's name--MIKE--tattooed on her ring finger.

The M is wearing off, so now it looks like she's in love with a guy named IKE.

Eric said...

I'm pretty sure that you are allowed to add "-less" to any noun and have a legal word.
I was tattooless (or maybe not, spell check doesn't agree with me) until about four years ago, but then I hadn't smoked pot either until I was in my mid-thirties.