Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cafe Rio Quote

"Hey, Eric, where's the tzatziki? Oh, and the stove's on fire."

New Kid Josh


-Sarah- said...

WHAT's the tzatziki.....????

Eric said...

Yogurt, cucumber and garlic...with a little salt. Found throughout the Mediterranean region, it is quite refreshing and tasty.

Terroni said...

Wow. This really made me laugh. I even snorted a little.

Do you call him "New Kid Josh"?
I think you should.

Eric said...

I do...I was going to call him Epstein, but I would have been the only one who got it.

Eric said...

Wait...I got a snort?

Terroni said...

Yes. When I really find something funny, I snort laugh.

Charming, eh?