Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Of whining employees. Of demanding customers. Of vendors who won't communicate. Of people with a sense of entitlement. Of staff who have been here for more than a year and still don't know their fucking jobs. Of stretching the hell our of one end to make it meet the other...or at least get within sight. Of couples who do not communicate through dinner, or worse those who communicate with others through text while their "loved one" is directly in front of them. Of waffling prospective employees.
Ok, that's it for now, I feel a little better.
Someone pass me a beer.


Terroni said...

The only thing in my fridge is Yuengling.
Will that do?

Eric said...

Damn, I had forgotten about Yuengling. I drank a lot of it in New York last, yes, that'll work.

Maria said...

I don't drink beer. Well. It has to be tooth crackin' cold (as we say here on the prairie) or it makes me feel nauseated.

How about an apple martini instead? don't look like a martini kind of guy, though.

Gin and tonic, maybe. Or some nice grey goose on the rocks.

What IS your favorite alcoholic beverage?

And, you know...did you ever think about blogging about what motivated you to start your restaurant? I think that would be interesting.

I did notice that your employees all look very young. So, easy on 'em. They are still at that stupid stage. Remember it? I do. Well, at the time, I didn't think I was stupid but looking back? Yeah. I was pretty naive.

Eric said...

Dear Maria,

My favorite is beer, pilsner or lager, and I also prefer it to be tooth crackin' cold (something I hadn't heard until about two weeks ago from a guy from the Texas panhandle).
Next, I like Patron Silver, and I flirt around with whiskey every once in a while (Dewar's lately).
And, the one who really pushed me to bitch is 43 (not pictured).
And yes, I remember being stupid...I cringe, but I do remember.
I've never tried an apple martini...I will seek one out though, just for you.

Eric said...

Did I really say Dewar's?
I don't pretend to know the differences within the whiskey family. I recognize that Scotch is different from Bourbon like Merlot is different from Cabernet. Other than that I'm lost.
I've got a couple of friends who dive head first into any hobby...salt water aquariums, brewing, whiskey...whatever, and are experts in two weeks and preaching their new knowledge to anyone who will hold still (unconscious...restrained...polite, whatever). It's annoying.

Terroni said...

I see that you found yourself wandering through my archives - a sure sign that I'm not blogging frequently enough.

Terroni said...

3 calories?
I restrict them to 2000 and they act like I'm starving them to death.

You must explain.

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