Friday, August 14, 2009

First Aid for Cooks

1. Cut half way around finger while making the very last cut on the basil.

2. Immediately jerk finger away and watch...notice that cut is fairly deep...wait for the blood...there it is.

3. Pack cut with coffee grounds (pepper works equally well but burns).

4. Put on rubber glove and keep working. Change glove if finger of glove fills with blood before bleeding stops.

5. Once bleeding has stopped, remove glove and rinse wound.

6. Apply monkey blood.

7. Super glue wound shut, put on a fresh glove and get back to work.


Maria said...

Monkey blood?

And Liv's father is a geologist and swears that super glue works best on any cuts. He hikes, spelunks a lot.

You want to hear something funny? I go to your profile now and then to click on your blog to bookmark it when I am in a hurry and don't have time to read it. I have always glanced at your interests and thought the first interest was EXPLOSIVES. I remember kind of shaking my head and thinking that was such a BOY thing. I just now realized that it says EXPLETIVES.

Now, THAT is right up my alley....

Terroni said...

And whatever you do, don't ask T to sew it up. Her suturing jobs look like they were done by Helen Keller...after a few beers.

Eric said...

Monkey blood is iodine...not sure where I picked that up though.
Explosives are fun too.

Don't worry T, you just need more people to practice on.