Monday, December 28, 2009

Sorry about the word verification thingy...I got spammed, and maybe hacked.


Maria said...

Ugh. Was it that horrid
Chinese man? Because he came after me too. I did word verification for a few weeks and then stopped. It took him all of 4 days to find me again.

Ugh. Bing just came in to tell me that they are replaying the entire first season of True Blood.

So, how did you get hacked?

And your word verf is excitican.

I plan to use it in a sentence just for fun. All of this snow is making me slowly lose it.

Eric said...

No, I got off easy...I think it was just spam, nothing else has turned up.

I can't wait to read a sentence with excitican in it, I can't even find a definition for it.

We're busy as hell right now, so I won't be writing much for the next week or so, I'll drop in though to see what you've got to say.

I hope you don't get hit too bad with that new storm.

Terroni said...

I've gotten spammed a bit lately, too. May have to go back to the annoying words.