Monday, December 7, 2009


Still would rather be somewhere else. Somewhere warm...with tequila.

Older daughter's roommate is moving out.

Younger daughter has at least accepted the fact that she's not going to Austin. I knew that I was ok when she brought me half of a candy cane (one of the big, soft ones, sorta like the wedding mints, my favorite) and when I smiled at her she shoved me.

Still avoiding my email in box, but feeling some relief at having passed on the bad news.

Using a fresh coffee cup for every cup I drink...just because.

The phone is missing. Really. No one knows where it is. Ok, this is sort of a problem, but it's a problem that can wait for a bit, and the quiet is nice.

Still in need of a massage...or muscle relaxer...or a trip to Vegas...or New Orleans...or New York...or Uruguay. Yeah, Uruguay, no one would find me there. No one would even look for me there.

I did shave this morning, I usually have a beard in some stage of growth, only trimming it down to stubble, but today I am smooth. I look and feel 10 months younger.

And, the walk in? This morning it was running 10 degrees. Did I mention that it's supposed to be fridge, not a freezer? Do you know what happens to produce when it freezes?
So, yeah, that sucks.

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Maria said...

This SO sucks. We have been snowed in for two days now. Bing is sick, Liv is bugging me about taking her sledding and me? I want to live in Hawaii so badly that I can taste it. Our driveway has drifts in it that are taller than me. I realize I am short, but JAYSUS.

I am running out of good cheer and I am sick of watching movies on television. I would have made a terrible pioneer because I am a spoiled rotten brat.

I can't even blog because the office is the coldest room in the house and after ten minutes, I'm done and seeking my electric blanket.

We made cookies yesterday and Bing is letting Liv make a home movie of our snowed in state. I'm the crabby one in the film with hair that looks like a deranged hamster. And my left hand is still refusing to function, so I am getting to be ambidextrous now.

Eric, I want us all to be snowed in at your cafe with good food, booths to sleep in and if I know you, you have some grey goose under the counter.

Socks is in heaven. He and Liv adore the snow. We have snowmen all over the back yard and our house smells strongly of wet dog.

Bah humbug.