Saturday, March 6, 2010

For the first four weeks I didn't have a drink of alcohol. In the four weeks since, I have only had six beers. There's a 12 pack in the cooler right now, and I don't even want one. Much.

I've fought through the phase where my body was craving sugars (strangely, I got very Southern during this phase, grabbing sweet tea and Moon Pies on the way home from work almost every night). I've replaced my usual Doritos, burrito or grilled cheese dinners with salads, nuts, and fruits, and I've been hitting the gym pretty hard the last few weeks.

But all for naught, because the freaking Girl Scouts are out in force everywhere I go, pushing their crack cookies, and they don't care about my suffering, my pain, how hard it's been or how weak I am right now, they only care about the almighty dollar...and probably a merit badge of some sort...and bunnies.


Maria said...

Ugh. The girl scout pushers. Two of the secretaries at work brought order forms and I didn't want to slight either of them so I bought two boxes of thin mints and two boxes of lemonades (they are DIVINE) from each of them. They came in last week and I brought them home only to find that Bing had ordered several boxes from teachers at her school. So...we now have 7 boxes of thin mints and 4 boxes of lemonades in the freezer and two boxes of each on our counter. We have agreed to wait until the Academy awards to open them and then I will go to bed tonight with a lunatic sugar high.

Eric said...

I've been tearing the lemonades up, they are my new favorites this year. I like them, thin mints, and the peanut butter (the sandwich ones, not the waxy chocolate covered ones).
Sunday is my official day off from my new "healthier" regimen, so I'll be wiping out a row of those bad boys when I get home.
Damn girl scouts.

Annemarie of Holland said...

Two friends of mine and myself have decided to submit to a Sugar Lent, which means we do not allow ourselves to eat anything that contains sugar until Easter. Now, we live a couple of hundred miles away from each other so there's no way to check whether we're sticking to the rules, but so far, I find the whole sugar fast not difficult at all (I admit to eating fruit and drinking sugarfree, all fruit smoothies and stuff, but they're allowed).
It's a good thing I don't live in the States though, or I'd be arrested for Girl Scout Cruelty.

Eric said...

My kids' mom lives in Germany, we're sending her a care package of girl scout cookies.

Terroni said...

Damn girl scouts. And damn bunnies, too, while we're at it.