Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cafe Quote

"Jesus is really starting to disappoint me. The dishwasher, not the savior." - Eric


Maria said...

Yeah...what the previous poster said.

Let me translate:

Jesus disappoints sometimes. Other times he is good for a chuckle. The guy carrying the cross, not the dishwasher.

Although a good dishwasher is hard to find...and hey, Haysues never sleeps.

John Gray said...

post another MARLOW (type)
post,,,,,, you cant be too busy to do so!

Jamie said...

Okay so, I LOVE your blog. And maybe you. jk....

I found you through Maria and I will be back. Have a happy. :)

.j.william. said...

I had a boss from Japan who never learned to say my Venezuelan co-worker's name Hay-sus and insisted on always calling him Jesus.

For Jesus (the co-worker) it was probably tiresome. For the rest of us, it never got old.