Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still not dead...

I have sucked as a blogger and as a friend this summer and I would like to say sorry about all that.
I have read most of your blogs, still catching up a few, but I haven't left many comments or written anything myself.

I know everyone wants to know about Oklahoma, I made another trip back there last month and stayed for almost a week, but I don't see it ending well and I really don't feel like going into all that yet. After a few months it will be pretty funny though, so let's wait 'til then.

In other news, the twins are moving out in less than two weeks and I will live alone for the first time in my 43 years. I still don't know if I'm thrilled or terrified, so I'm not making any life-changing decisions right now (beyond getting a new tattoo, pretty sure I'm doing that) which is why I don't think Oklahoma is going to end well. She's pushing me to move back there, which I was thinking about doing in a couple of years anyway, but she wants me there now. Did I mention she has an 18 month old? Did I mention that the 18 month old, the one day I spent around her, the day before I left to come home, threw three bloody-murder tantrums, one of which was reported in the DC area as a "mild geologic event"?

There are several other reasons why this probably won't end well, but that's enough for now.


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

are you melancholey Eric ? or just busy?

Eric said...

Mostly just busy, but, yeah, a little down too.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

...if you ever need a cup of coffee and a chat just email me (jgsheffield@hotmail.com).....I can do understanding gay friend very well (aka Rosie Odonnell in any 1980s movie)

Texan said...

Was wondering if you were coming back.

This hasn't been my best week of life either. Told myself all day, next week is a new week.

So here is to a new week for everyone!

Maria said...

Ok...you and I don't really know each other, but we sort of do in this odd internet way, so I am going to say what a true friend would say.

If the tantrums are bothersome now, they will drive you shit ass crazy down the line. You are supposed to be in that falling-in-love nirvana place where you think every snore and every fart that they emit is cute. If you aren't there now, you won't be later.

But..you know...if you both are having fun and able to keep it light (this probably means no pressure about making you move), it could be a really fun part of your life in small doses.

Texan said...

and I agree with Maria even though no one asked me :O)