Saturday, October 9, 2010

So, I've been up for around 31 hours right now, due to a couple of brainstorms (suicide missions) I came up with to keep my restaurant afloat over the next few months.
Ok, that's a little melodramatic...I could keep the restaurant going, but some people, people I care about, would have to lose their jobs. So I decided to stay open late on Friday and Saturday nights to catch the bar crowds and to start serving breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.
That means I get to stay open 'til 2 am for the bars and then close and start prepping up for breakfast at 7 am.
And since I'm the cheapest employee I've got I'm the one doing all the work. And that's ok.
Yesterday I made a hundred bucks in a hour and a half doing some PI shit. At the restaurant? I made about nothing in just over 25 hours.
Guess which one made me feel dirty? Yeah, the easy one. The bar crowd I could do without, but the breakfast menu I love. I'll post it soon. I'm really proud of it and the food (for the most part) has tested really well. I say for the most part because several items that were tested and seemed easy a few days ago failed miserably this morning on what was supposed to be our first breakfast service. I ended up closing (we hadn't even had a customer, but things were just not working out the way I wanted them to) and only cooked for a few friends who came by. I learned quite a bit and hopefully things will work out better tomorrow.
And somewhere in the process I realized that it's not only the difficult jobs that hold my interest, it's the difficult loves...the women who, for whatever reason, I just can't seem to attain, or if attained, keep.
All this became clear as my hollandaise broke for the second time while I was burning bacon and trying to nurse my grits back to life and thinking about Sam and how I couldn't wait to see her again.


John Gray said...

gawd... the hard work, tears and worries of a small buisness!
good for you for keeping all of your balls in the air!
I would love to see the menu!
cut and paste it ( or whatever you do) so we could have a look ?
can u employ some old people?
they will work for peanuts!
chin up
ps thanks for the supportive comment on my sis' blog!

Maria said...

Personally....burned bacon is one of my favorite things. Seriously. I also deliberately burn my toast.

And then I like to butter it up profusely and lay the bacon right on top of the bread.

Dude...the ones that make us work the hardest are usually either 1) perfect for us or 2) a really, really bad mistake. And the fuck of it all is that it is really, really hard to know ahead of time which is which. Sucks the big one, i know...