Wednesday, September 29, 2010

True Grit

I thought this was a horrible idea, how could anyone remake a John Wayne classic? Now, after seeing the trailer and seeing just who's involved, I know where I'll be Christmas day.


Maria said...

Oh, you think she can take Kim Darby down? I dunno, dude....

Bing is dying to see that facebook movie. I kind of want to see the Wall Street movie but admit that it is mostly because I have a giant crush on that Mulligan actress. I want her hair. She has great hair.

John Gray said...

I grew up with TRUE GRIT and cried when little blackie was ridden to death at the end....

Jeff Bridges is not a Wayne but IS cracking actor! and I must admit Eric, I am kind of looking forward to it!
as for the other posts MAN, you are on a roll! she must have been pretty keen on yo huh?

John Gray said...

could you do me a favour?
could you visit my sister's blog if u get a minute

she has designed one to support our brother who is having a shitty time with a particulary nasty neuro condition

a supportive comment from a yank would make her day and increase her morale!!

cheers matey