Monday, September 20, 2010

Sonja left to do grownup stuff, like go to college and live with her fiance. She'd been with me a long time, off and on for about five years. Before that I used to take runaway reports on her when I was a deputy.

She can drink far more than her size suggests and still cook, she curses and talks shit on a level that few teenage boys can match, loves to talk about food, and is always down to start a fight.

She can also name the designer of a pair of sunglasses (or any other accessory) in low light from a block away.

Farewell Sonja, the place is a lot less pirate without you.


Maria said...

Well, the only thing to do is to replace her with someone who can dance as well as she does but in a whole different genre so that you won't be painfully reminded of what you lost.

So..I'm thinkin' how about either a pseudo intellectual (think Shelly Long from Cheers) or someone like Joan Jett (I recently saw her in concert and I'm still aching all over from dancing to "Do You Wanna Touch." I am WAY too old for that sort of tomfoolery.) Picture it. Seriously.

Terroni said...

Did Maria just say "tomfoolery"?

She may be too old to dance like that, but I'm pretty sure she's not old enough to use that word.

John Gray said...

I think her replacement should be English ( perhaps from Yorkshire)
with a pale sadness and a shady past

Eric said...

Maria: I already have a pseudo intellectual (actually, he may be a real intellectual) and a couple wannabe intellectuals.
I don't recommend the wannabes.

T: At least she didn't say "shenanigans".

John: That sounds like it might work.

Maria said...

Don't act like nincompoops.