Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just thought I'd show off.
I was about to cut this and send it out when I thought, 'Wow, that's the perfect meatball sandwich.' Good thing I had my camera today.


John Gray said...

I love it
If you served this to the locals in my village they'd shoot it!

(I on the other hand would dive in face first with my mouth open!)

Texan said...

mmm well I am sure to a animal eating person that would look good... :O) To a vegetarian, welllll... but I can appreciate the bread that looks most tasty!

Eric said...

No worries, Texan, we do a veg sandwich as well!

John, we had a busload of older Welsh farm couples come in a few years back and they were so much fun and loved the food.

The busload of English that came through a few months later was another story. The tour coordinator (an Englishman) called a week or so before they were to come through to check the menu and so on. He told me several times that they were English and didn't eat "all that stuff". That stuff being pepperoni, salami, sausage, pepperoncini, etc, and told me to just do ham and cheese sandwiches for the whole bunch and that they would pick them up and take them to a picnic area.
So, we set up the sandwiches as ordered and then they changed plans and decided that they would eat in, completely overwhelmed my one waitress and other employee who was trying to help her with all the orders of hot chocolate and coffee, and then complained about the food and service.
With a few exceptions the whole group was in their 70s and seemed pissed off when they arrived. Actually, only two seemed really guy in his 30s who took two slices of pizza and left the restaurant and him companions to walk around outside, and one lady in her late 40s who was flirting with the Mexican bus driver.

I think I just took a very long time to say that maybe your villagers wouldn't shoot the sandwich after all.

While I'm stereotyping nationalities, I'll go ahead and say that Germans are my favorite foreign customers. No matter how many are at the table they will each order their own pizza or calzone.

Love 'em for that.