Tuesday, March 10, 2009

30 Second Warning

You may hear a loud *POP* momentarily. Do not be alarmed, it will be me pulling my head out of my ass. I don't know how it got so far up there, but here goes...in three...two...one...


Maria said...

Ok...so...did you buy the restaurant or not???

And get your head out of your ass, Eric.

Eric said...

I think it's most of the way out, I can breathe and there's a little bit of light.
I believe we've got it. Brett and I looked at it yesterday with the owner and there's a lot of work that we're going to have to do to get ready, but for that he's knocking the rent down. We've got a pre- inspection from the health guys Thurs so we'll know exactly what has to be done.
So far it's right on par with my other restaurant experiences...always plan for things taking and costing three times what you plan for.