Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great Show

Hey, if anyone still hasn't seen Star Trek you need to catch it. Yes, I grew up watching the original, then the animated series (called 'em cartoons back then), saw the movies, and got into the Next Generation after a little mild resistance. Hell, I even liked Deep Space 9. I never really got into Voyager or Enterprise, never read any of the books, never attended a convention, and never considered myself a Trekker (being a Trekkie sounds so much more fun anyway).
Star Trek was probably my introduction to sci-fi, but as new stuff with better effects came out I drifted away, to Star Wars (until George Lucas killed it), to Battlestar Galactica and even to the most-ridiculous Space: 1999. But like Battlestar Galactica came back way, way better than ever, Star Trek is back. I had to pee almost the whole way through but there was no way in hell I was walking out for even a few seconds, and my face is still sore from smiling for two hours straight.

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Maria said...

I'm with you. We went because Bing and Liv basically begged me to go with them. They both like Star Trek.

And I ended up loving it and YES...I had to pee, too, but refused to get up to leave and then ended up sprinting to the bathroom afterward and waiting in line behind a hugely pregnant woman who I was ready to shove out of the way if necessary...