Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prep list

I'm really not feeling much in the way of inspiration today and am pressed for time so no Cafe Update today...well, at least not this, here is what I'm doing today in addition to working the line.

Bake cupcakes
make icing
bake rolls
bake bread
make croutons
make sausage
cook sausage
place food order/do inventory
stock walk-in
make dough
weigh flour
roast garlic
pick specials for next week
cook rice
and set fire to office

Now, this is not in order and just off the top of my head, but it's a good start...and hey, I wrote something.
Hope all of you are having a great Sunday!


Maria said...

What kind of cupcakes and what kind of icing?

Eric said...

chocolate with chocolate espresso icing. :)

-Sarah- said...

Y'know, if you did all of your prep work FIRST you could use the blazing inferno that is your office to cook everything. I'm sure it would save on utilities...

Eric said...

Excellent suggestion, this will usher in a new wave of office cuisine.