Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ok, since I didn't die, or bend my car, on the way to work, and since there is a fairly good chance that the other two people who are supposed to come in today will make it as well, and since the snow brings lots of skiers and snowboarders into town, and since my kids are all holed up nice and safe, and since the Lincoln County Grill is only a couple of blocks away, easy walking when it's too nasty to drive, and since they have bomb ass huevos rancheros, I will not bitch and moan about the 8" of new snow that I woke up to at 6 am, the hour long ass clenching session that was my drive to work, or the fact that it is still snowing and that I will undoubtedly spend my day off tomorrow re-shoveling the cafe's roof.

Right now I am still basking in the glow that is two over easy eggs perched on corn tortillas and smothered in red chile and cheese slopped up against fried potatoes and beans with bacon and a big ass flour tortilla.
How does one eat this big, gorgeous, sloppy mess? Well, I start by tearing the tortilla into triangles, which I then fill with a little bit of everything else on the plate, fold tight, lean well over the plate, make sure there are plenty of napkins handy, and...go.


-Sarah- said...

mmmmm, Lincoln County Griiiiiillll =)

Annemarie of Holland said...

Oh dear, so that stuff on the picture is FOOD? Who would've thought!

My word thingy is calionc. Sounds like a condition resulting from eating that stuff, requiring a very uncomfortable medical procedure consequently.

We're in and out of snow in Germany as well these days, but I can't help loving it. I am sooo not made for the tropics! Spent the last eight years of my life in Southern Europe (hot!) and found it horrendous in summer. The way I see it, you can protect yourself against the cold, but you can't escape the heat. Must be a control freak thing.

Maria said...

If I ate that in the morning, I would be sick. I don't get hungry until about 3 p.m. and then I could pretty much eat until I go to bed. But, at 5 a.m....I can only swallow yogurt.

Eric said...

Sarah: Hells yeah.

Annemarie: I kind of agree about cold being easier to deal with.
I don't really want to live anywhere hot either. I used to live in Oklahoma and during the summers it would get up into the 100s regularly. Sucked.
Damn, I miss German breakfasts.
Oh, huevos rancheros actually are the calionc.

Maria: After eating it I was hungry again at 3pm...two days later.

Terroni said...

I had to take two Prilosec just to look at the picture. Now that I'm medicated, pass me a plate of that.

Eric said...

You bet.