Friday, January 22, 2010

What to say?

Well, I did have about two paragraphs written, but just deleted them, so the title is appropriate.

Just deleted another.

Hmmmmmm, what's new?

Well, I grew a mustache, for one. Not a beard or goatee with mustache, just a plain old fashioned (and out of fashion) stand alone 'stache. It has been called a copstache, a pornstache, and a mo. I call it Linda.

I named it Linda after being told that I just had to name it. I usually name things Carl...I just think it's funny...but the thought of a hairy Carl on my lip kinda didn't do it for me, so Linda it was.

A hairy Linda I can handle, reminds me of the 80s.

Em hates Linda. Last weekend, as I was getting into my car, Em pulled into the lot, rolled her window down, and shouted, "Shave that goddamned thing off!"

That's my precious angel.

I told her later that Linda and I wanted to talk to her about her attitude.

"I hate Linda, and she's not my mom!" was her answer.

So, yeah, that's new.

What else?

Maybe later.


-Sarah- said...

I'm sure in time Em will understand that Linda's not trying to be her mom. What Linda DOES want is to be Em's friend...that's all =)

Eric said...

That's what I've been trying to tell her.

Maria said...

I have seen one porn movie (I am 51, so I am really, really pristine...)

In it, the lead actor had a 'stache and he looked like a Tom Selleck wannabe. Plus he mispronounced the word "hearth" and it bugged me through the entire movie. Because I just roll that way.

Eric said...

Weird how a mispronounced word can do that.
Oh yeah, Linda and I went our separate ways last was time.

-Sarah- said...

Y'know.....I think I remember writing that previous comment, but I'm pretty sure I was drunk when I did it and thought it was REALLY funny. Looking at it now.....not so funny. Wonder what I was thinking (???)

Eric said...

I think it's hilarious. Really.