Monday, May 24, 2010

12 Years Later

Kindergarten graduation 1998

My daughter, the dork.


Texan said...

Your daughter "cute as a button"

Maria said...

Did you have a big graduation party? Bing teaches high school. I always end up going with her to about a dozen graduation parties. Most seemed to be bbqs this year. One had the boy's favorite foods: pizza, s'mores, chocolate chip cookies, chili fries and sushi. It was odd, but surprisingly tasty.

Eric said...

I absolutely love that pic of Kindergarten graduation...and had actually forgotten about it until I found it a couple of months ago while digging through some boxes in storage.

After graduation I had to head back to work so they spent time with their step-mom (she lives about 6 hours away now) and her family.
That night they had a lock-in at the school for the grads and a guest, they took them to a small amusement park here in town, to the movies (all on a bus), and then back to the school for tons of junk food and a hypnotist show.
I worked it years ago as a cop, that year we set up an obstacle course in the parking lot and let the kids have at it in a golf cart with drunk goggles on.
Most kids stay away and talk shit about it, but everyone that goes has a blast.

John Gray said...

we never had that sort of graduation "thing" in school..which is a shame..(that's the UK for you) it sounds a wonderful "rites of passage" thing.

Interesting that you were a cop....perhaps THATS where the film noir thing comes from!

what made you switch careers?

Eric said...

That might have something to do with it, John.

A while back I tried to write about how and why I made that switch, but I never finished it....the posts I did complete are back there somewhere.

Basically, I get bored and always wander off in search of that greener pasture or next adventure. This July will mark the 20th year since I got my first police that's one retirement I won't make. And, that's not the first. I joined the army at 17 and would have retired five years ago if I'd have stayed in. In six years I will pass by what would have been my retirement date for my police work in New Mexico (I started in Oklahoma, all states have separate pensions and usually aren't transferable).

Maybe I'll just finish those posts.