Sunday, May 23, 2010


I did not cry...not immediately.

My kids...yes, I feel old.


John Gray said...

every part a proud dad!
I will never have this proud feeling.......I can only compare it to perhaps teaching my ducklings to swim for the first time!!

ok ok bad comparason!

saw this and thought you might enjoy the cafe/relationship humour!


Terroni said...

A bittersweet congratulations, Eric

Texan said...

I am like John no kids here, so I won't know that moment either... but I can imagine that is a great feeling :O), even if it did make you feel older.

Which by the way, old these days is not what it used to be... funny how that works.

Maria said...

She favors you. You both look so happy. What's next for her?

Eric said...

Thanks, everyone. It is a proud feeling.

She and Danny are going to Germany next week to visit their mom and step-dad, then she's headed to university in August with plans of being a neuro-psychologist.

Annemarie of Holland said...

Hey, congratulations! It never occurred to me that graduating children could make their parents feel old - my dad must really hate me then, as I put him through it twice.

But he got the pride twice, too, I suppose.

Whereabouts in Germany is your girl going?

Eric said...

Yeah, I'll just keep feeling older I guess with each milestone. That's just the way it goes.

The twins are going to Erlangen, just north of Nurnberg.