Wednesday, November 17, 2010

T, should you show up, I'll fix you breakfast anytime. I cook better slightly drunk, so you might want to take me drinking first.

M, only real cream is offered for coffee at my place and I would love to visit with you over several cups.

J, biscuits and gravy...hmmmm...well, biscuits are a bit like scones in texture, they are usually round, but sometimes square, and gravy is just a word we use for sauce. There's an old joke that goes something like,

Q: What's the difference between gravy and sauce?

A: About $15 dollars.

And that's pretty true. Cream gravy is basically just a bechamel sauce...flour, butter and milk with a little salt and pepper.
Sausage gravy is about the same with the addition of crumbled breakfast sausage. Fry up your sausage, then make a roux with the grease and add milk, finish with salt and pepper.
Chocolate gravy is a southern thing. I grew up eating it and the little bit of research I've done on the subject indicates that it originated in eastern Kentucky and Tennessee and the western Carolinas. I make it with cocoa powder, flour and sugar and a bit of vanilla and salt. My grandma made it with Nestle Quick. It is nothing short of amazing served over a hot, well-buttered biscuit.


John Gray said...

Eric....! you survived working 100 hours a week then!!!

have things settled down much for you?

Maria said...

The guitarist in the back? I covet her hair. I also would like to look that cool when I dance. Unfortunately, I look more like Elaine Benes.

And sorry...but chocolate gravy sounds revolting.

Maybe it is one of those tastes that one must acquire like oysters. My daughter and I were talking the other day and she said, "How did someone get the idea that it was okay to eat oysters? I mean...they're good, but when you look at them initially they look so gross and slimy!"

John Gray said...

oysters are lumps of salty snot

Terroni said...

We could go drinking together and then eat breakfast? Damn. I may have just planned my next vacation.

Texan said...

oh my gosh I haven't heard someone say Chocolate Gravy since I was a kid! I grew up eating that over biscuits as well! YUMMMMMMMY

My Grandma made it with cocoa :O).