Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Return of Frank. Again.

I have fired Frank twice. I have wanted to fire Frank several more times than twice. So why yesterday did I hire Frank back? Ok, before some of you attempt to correlate the softness of my heart with the post below this one let me just point out that the Boddington’s started at 10:30 am and the Shiner ended about 12 hours later. I was not drunk when Frank came in.
There’s something about this kid, I’ve known him for eight years, since he was about 14, when he used to come in and hang out at the counter all night.

John hired him and he was a major point of contention between us toward the end of John’s tour as owner. Frank was often late, would sneak beers and a couple of times left before his shift was over. I almost quit over John's failure to deal with him.

Two days after I bought the place Frank didn’t show up for work, didn’t call until the next evening…from jail, so I fired him.

Several months later Frank came in crying and really seemed sincere about getting his shit together, so I let him come back with strict conditions. He did good for quite a while. Two days after I lifted those conditions he did it again, no-showed then called from jail, so I fired him again.

But I missed having him around. Frank is funny as hell, he’s quick, he doesn’t need a prep list, just comes in and sees what needs to be done and gets started, he’s very well read for not having a formal education…hell, he’s read more obscure books on philosophy, sociology and politics than many sitting on bachelor degrees in those fields…his taste in music ranges from what sounds like the soundtrack for the Nurnberg rallies to 60s French pop to 80s new wave to noise. He has tapes (yes, tapes) of some of the weirdest shit: crime victims talking to reporters and one that’s nothing more than 45 minutes of street noise.

He is probably a sociopath.

He also bakes the most beautiful rolls and cookies of any of us and will jump on any problem without being told. Grease trap backing up? Toilet overflowed? Out of onions? Frank's already on it and will have it solved.

Now, if I can just keep him out of jail.


Maria said...

I say keep Frank around. I have a Frank who does odd jobs around my house. He can fix toilets, paint and taught me how to text message on my cell phone.

He also stole an avocado from my fridge.

So, have to overlook a few things with Franks.

Eric said...

Yep, it's always good to have a Frank around. Two days, so far so good.

Terroni said...

My dad used to say that about my brothers... if I could just keep them out of jail.