Sunday, February 1, 2009


Ok, stealing Maria's stolen idea here, I'm feeling a little uninspired so ask a question and I'll answer it. Fire at will.


Maria said...

What date have you had that you truly regret?

Terroni said...

Favorite album...

Flesh and Bones said...

1. How do you feel about collecting your dog or cat's whiskers by taping them to a post-it note on the fridge? Too weird or acceptable?

2. How do you feel about collecting the little stickers off of fruit by sticking them on the windowsill above the sink?

3. What are your top 3 favorite trees?

4. Do you clip your dog's toenails regularly? How does your dog feel about it?

5. Handlebar mustaches: yay or nay?

6. Fu manchu mustaches: yay or nay?

7. Your lawn: Grass, garden or xeriscaping?

8. Do you wear a helmet when you ride bike?

9. Do you ride bike?

10. Full moon rituals?

11. Did you have a tire swing as a child?

12. Have you owned a good rope hammock? If so, where was it made?

13. Where does the best coffee grow?

14. Have you started making cheese yet?

15. Favorite kind of cheese?

16. Did you make sling-shots as a child? Potato guns?

17. Worst bike wreck?

18. Worst injury?

19. Worst hangover?

20. Funnest drunk time?

21. Worst karaoke song?

22. Write the worst concept for a TV show you can possibly think of.

23. Write the best concept for a TV show you can possibly think of.

24. Flossing: yay or nay?

25. What is your sacred place?

26. What is home and why do we long for it?

27. Last time you made a prank phone call.

28. Last time you ate pizza?

29. Rough estimate of how many pizza slices you have eaten in your life time?

30. Mayonaisse with french fries: too weird or acceptable?