Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have just had what in most worlds would be considered a very shitty day, but with each little shit storm I have managed to take the hit and keep moving and my mood has been improving all along. I would say that this is weird, but it's not, it's how I roll.

I'm not one of those types who lives for drama, I hate drama, can't even stand to watch reality tv unless there's cooking involved, and even then I'm thinking, Quit bitching and get back to the flippin' lamb shanks.

But for some reason I love it when things are going wrong, love to be in a bind and work through it, kick its ass, knock it down, stand over its crumpled form and yell into its face, "You thought you had me? Huh? Don't you know who I am?"

As I beat my chest, of course.

Now, I must close to deal with some more shit.


Maria said...

I, on the other hand, will do almost anything to avoid being in a bind.

Eric said...

I don't think I do it on purpose, but maybe...