Thursday, October 8, 2009

You know that scene from Top Gun...or course you do, the scene where Goose dies? Well, the part leading up to that, the engine flame out and flat spin, is pretty much how things have been feeling lately.

I'm guessing the cafe is the plane...and maybe Goose...or maybe I'm Goose.

If so, at least I was with Meg Ryan.

And, the grocery store has 80s rock playing on the sound system...the music I listened to in high school and college...the Clash, for fuck's playing in a grocery store.

So, I'm already feeling old when I get to the checkout and pull a fitty out of my wallet and realize that I could be looking in the mirror...I have turned into Ulysses S. Grant.


Maria said...

I look into the mirror sometimes and see my Mother. The other day, I was with my sister and I threw back my head and laughed and she told me that I looked EXACTLY like our Mother.

It was bad enough when I noticed it, but to have OTHERS notice it? Ick.

Eric said...

I know, I am going to look exactly like my dad...hopefully with a smaller belly though.