Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where did summer go?

Summer, with its warm days, thunder storms, beautiful nights, and, yes, the constant flow of commerce?

It is gone, and with its passing I note that the summer of my life is over as well. I am entering autumn, and, if I may milk this silly cliche for just a little while longer, sooner than I expect, or wish, I will find myself in the winter of my life.

And already, before I even noticed their bright golden flash, the aspens have gone to brown, their leaves mostly gone in the wind, and the rain falls in those peculiar splats of slush.

Where did autumn go?


Terroni said...

Eric, you're a poet today.

Maria said...

I feel like you and I should be linking arms and singing about trying to remember a time in September.....

Because you might be in the Autumn of your life but I am right next door to the Winter of mine.

Eric said...

You're not that close, but I'll still sing with ya.