Thursday, October 15, 2009


Doing all of the above yesterday, today, and tonight making batches of potato soup, kartoffelsuppe, for our local Oktoberfest tomorrow and Saturday.

I haven't been to this Oktoberfest in over five years because, frankly, it had gotten pretty lame. After my more recent experiences with our weak assed excuse for Mardi Gras, I'm not hopeful.

At least there will be plenty of Warsteiner on hand.


Maria said...

I always picture laughing lasses in swirly skirts bringing everyone big mugs of beer at Oktoberfests....

Eric said...

Not at this one. Instead, picture geriatric customers standing in front of your stand by mistake, thinking it's the line for the bratwurst stand, or people reading your sign, which clearly reads, "Potato Soup", and then asking what you have.

We went to the Oktoberfest at nearby Holloman AFB a couple of weeks ago and it was great. There's a contingent of German air force stationed there and they throw a great fest every year.
I fell down...several times...and fell in love at least three times.